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ussms1107 Hello! I noticed your article was from February and I'd enjoy to understand When you've got lost any weight before six months. I used to be on Topamax for a decade After i tapered off due to myself staying scared of just using the drug for therefore extended.

Jacque0627 My Dr. just started off me on effexor today and said it had been a dietary supplement. Just after looking at all of these blobs im beginning to get concerned. Is there everyone that HASNT gained weight for it?

nclui01 I'm sorry however, you are SO Erroneous! Check out all the opposite feedback on below, and you will see that about 95% of folks have Acquired weight from taking Effexor!!  I obtained about 30 lbs. the primary 12 months I commenced having it, without any Life-style or diet adjustments (very well, actually, I DID attempt to try to eat Improved!).  Also, the worst section about it is, it will make you lose your appetite, so you are actually taking in Much less, however, you Achieve much more weight as it slows down your metabolism.  This drug is Dreadful, and now I'm Listening to that a great deal of doctors are attempting to push this drug off as a 'dietary supplement'!

I Minimize the dosage in half for 1 7 days (a hundred and fifty to seventy five) then in half once more for two (seventy five to 37.5) I am now having 37.five every other working day (even though this appears foolish and just like a very poor tactic..my psychiatrist recommended it...so im performing it mainly because i am in a very susceptible posture compelled to belief a doc with my fragile emotional equilibrium...grr). I'm beginning to see real psychological side effects. I am fatigued, having difficulties with body aches, and noticing irrational fears and anxieties returning.I see powerful temper swings, anger and agitation. Sexual intercourse drive is gone (great to check out it return when getting 150mg) and I find my boyfriend's existence aggravating. I have also begun binging and purging again with frequency. (also no weight loss nonetheless) I am left feeling indignant and taken advantage of. I am a young woman who has actually been pressured to have faith in numerous doctors. I'm Blessed to hold the assistance of spouse and children to help me as a result of these periods, but I dread for all of us, battling to help make educated selections when tormented by serious psychological illness. I am saddened that I sense my survival is dictated by medication. I supply my like and help to individuals who carry on to struggle as I do. None of they are quick selections and I desire the psychiatric Local community would admit the complexity of our scenarios. Am I really determining involving Fats and Content? I do not Believe It is that very simple. ..display

Lab0926 I arrived right here to find information regarding Topamax prior to I decided if I would like to take it for weight loss. Previously I had been successful at losing weight on weight watchers. Over the last five years I've acquire 50lbs and nothing I do diet smart has help. I lose about 4-5 Ibs the nothing at all much more. I turn out to be so frustrated and humiliated about my weight. I accustomed to have migraines Once i was in my twenty's, but I used to be never prescribed find more info something for them.

feelinggoodnow I have already been on Effexor, my latest blog post small dose (seventy five mg), for almost a year. I've lost about fifteen lb. - twenty lb., now weighing in at one hundred ten lb. I am fifty five decades old, five'5" and I training often (2X per week in the fitness center and 3X per week at yoga, which helps immeasurably with my lupus and fibromyalgia). I like foodstuff, and enjoy feeding on, but now obtain myself significantly better at halting After i've experienced adequate. I do not know if this is the Effexor. I believe I am not having for psychological causes anymore, a minimum of most of enough time. I have always battled with my weight, tending to get to the heavier side.

roxie77 I have been on Topamax for awhile, none of it absolutely was to help with migraines. Mine was prescribed for seizures. The primary dose I used to be on was 100mg two times every day and And that i lost 70 lbs .. Then I bought put on lamcatal which didn't work for me and acquired everything again.

Katherine1989 I are on topiramate since the age of fourteen for epilepsy. (ten years). I go through with nearly every one of the big side effects explained and i am considering coming off, but I am TERRIFIED of gaining weight. Right before I had been on topiramate I was on carbamezaphine and I used to be quite a bit bigger than I am today. I presently experienced with the onset of an having problem and there is some debate as as to if my consuming ailment induced my epilepsy. The topiramate undoubtedly built my taking in dysfunction worse, and in turn both equally my mental and physical wellness have declined.

fizzattack Good day! I lost 25 kilos on it right away.  I suppose I had been ingesting and sensation depressed because of my weight.  My doctor explained to me that it just will depend on what men and women do in despair...some try to eat and a few Really don't.

It kinda put me in the manic design and style point out, like I had been losing my thoughts, now I realize that Seems bad but after the third working day it absolutely was great and now I dont know the way I assumed my life right before was living. Now I'll say there was a "sex" challenge but not like impotence but kinda like it absolutely was tough to climax, continue to felt great but after 2 hrs considered one of us was about lifeless lol. I reveal it similar to this - its like profitable the lotto but not attending to shell out it.

zetamomof2 AstraStarr, what about an update? Are you presently fully from the Effexor now, and have you noticed any substantial weight loss? I've been on it for 8 many years and attained 40 lbs.

  I have experienced Awful withdraw.  The Mind zaps drive me nuts, but I feel I'll flush the remainder of them and Permit the rest experience out.  My task doesn't enable the weight get.  Period, stop of sentence.     Reading through this thread calmed my fears that I obtained cancer.  A person described to me that people with MS frequently have severe reactions to medications, (my aunt has MS) and I'm starting to speculate if this is the root of the issue...     No person really knows how my circumstance is really even doable. Everyone have any tips (apart from ditch the med and begin operating lol)? ...Feasible serious health and fitness circumstances that could have brought on this? ANY details will be great... ..clearly show

dangreen11 are you best slimming pills on the market presently confident your concern is metabolism related? I believed mine was a similar, and little question metabolism was effected in approaches while within the drug, but per month soon after setting up effexor I designed a swollen abdomen, it could be from the hypersensitive gut creating bloating, fluid inside the abdomen, abdominal wall/diaphragm not contracting/enjoyable as they must, there is actually a myriad of issues it may be.

itisanewway4me You're definitely refreshing! Your honesty, sense of humor and noticeable understanding of this drug was a Pleasure to browse. Kudo's for giving Giirrll88 credit history for taking the time to educate us all.

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